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Level 1: Java Programming - Objects

This series of lessons is going to introduce Java programming. We'll start off slow by building some simple objects, but in just a few lessons we'll be drawing things on the screen and interacting with users.

These lessons are meant for beginners; they will discuss object-oriented development skills and have an new student building user interfaces within just a few hours.  Each lesson builds on the last, but the files are saved so you can pick them up in the middle.

The lessons take a few minutes each.  There are no pre-requisite skills beyond being able to hit keys on your keyboard.  We'll start off by installing the Java Virtual Machine, but other than that you won't need any more software.  I recorded the lessons on a Mac, but with a few modifications you can do the same things on a PC (mainly, using the Command Prompt instead of the Terminal, and using Notepad instead of nano).

I'd encourage you to try to code these as you listen; pause the video, write the code, make sure it works.  Try to compile and test your code often, and try new things.  Experimentation is really important here.  It can really help you to understand what's happening.  Remember, the best way to learn how to write code is to start writing code

If you're ready, you can start with Lesson 001: Installing the Java Development Kit.  If you've already got a JDK installed, then jump ahead to Lesson 002: Creating Objects.

Other lessons: